Louis Ontiveros

The Southwest Carpenters Training Fund has implemented policies and procedures, with the primary intent and commitment to safeguarding our student's health, safety, and well-being. We have implemented a “Communicable Disease Prevention and Social Distancing Policy” which applies to all students.

Following CDC's recommendations, each training center is adhering to the following:

  • Practicing social distancing, keeping six (6) feet apart.
  • Ensuring masks are always worn. Signs have been posted throughout our facilities.
  • Conducting thermal temperature scans at the start of each training session.
  • Limiting the use of the front office and lobbies.
  • Day porters are present during training sessions and are disinfecting and wiping down all work surface areas and equipment.
  • Lunch trucks are not permitted; students are asked to bring meals from home.
  • During meal and rest periods, members and staff are reminded to exercise precaution by keeping at least six (6) feet away from others, and practice proper handwashing before they step out and upon their return.
  • We have limited class sizes to allow for social distancing measures.

In addition to the above guidelines and policies, during all training sessions students are provided COVID-19 training which will help educate on how to help stop the spread.

Please keep in mind we are essential members of our communities, our cities, and our state. Now, more than ever, we’re needed to keep the infrastructure and essential services our families depend on going strong.

We look forward to serving you.         


Louis Ontiveros
Executive Director